The Greatest Tool to Clean Your Makeup Brushes!

No more wrinkly hands from washing my brushes! This little contraption works well to help me clean my beloved makeup brushes and protects my hands from soaking in water while I clean them. Also, the ridges and bumps help in really getting the brushes much cleaner than my hand alone. You won't find this selling for less anywhere else, either.

I'll never be without this essential brush cleaning tool ever again!

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Anyone looking for lipliners?? BUY THESE. they are perfect!!

I am truly in impress with this brand "Italia Deluxe Ultra Fine Lip Liner set". I needed lip liners and good ones too. Well, while searching i found these, than did my research on them as saw that it was pretty hyped up . I was not aware that people knew that much about this brand. I seen them before but never bother to try them because I honestly thought that they were not going to be good. However, I was wrong and happy with the liners, they apply very smoothly and almost as good as my colourpop's, M.A.C.'s . For the price this not a bad deal, especially if giving good results.

The colors are great too and they pretty much matched almost half of my lipstick collection that I have , so that was a plus, the lip liner did last on my lips up to 5 hours most for me- that is if i had not ate anything too greasy other wise they fade off just like any other lipstick when you eat anything with oil.

I will definitely continue to purchase from this brand -especially since they are a deal. Pretty much less then $1 per lip liner- still a great buy. you can get them from AMAZON.

Quick and Effective Makeup Brush Cleanser

Okay I'm seriously in love with JAPONESQUE Makeup Brush Cleanser. I've been looking around for makeup brush cleansers. DIY are cheaper but in the end they can ruin your brushes and I didn't want to buy new brushes of the ones I love. At least not for awhile.

I was pleased how easily the old makeup came out of the brush. I used as recommended by wiping with a paper towel afterwards. I do think I used more than recommended of the product while cleaning. However, I had a lot of old makeup to get out AND I made sure to dry thoroughly. I did as many rounds on a brush as needed until the wiping on the paper towel came away clean.

After I did that I made sure to lay them out to dry overnight at least (note: they were fairly dry already after using the paper towel, it's simply a precaution in case any moisture is missed).

So I already mentioned I LOVE the product. I was annoyed with the bottle because it kept leaking. However, it did allow me to test another feature which was the fact it was gentle on the skin. I have VERY sensitive skin and it was nice knowing that I didn't have to go through pain to make my brushes all pretty. I did make sure to wash my skin carefully afterward since it was recommended not to get the product in ones eyes.

It does smell AMAZING. Since my bottle was leaking I actually spilled a bit on my sink. While wiping away, it actually cleaned it nicely (lol) and left a pleasant smell. My mother actually ended up going out of her way to ask what smelled so pretty in my bathroom.

I would recommend this product "JAPONESQUE Makeup Brush Cleanser" to anyone and already have!

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The best brushes with the best quality for $10

I was very impressed with these brushes. I was using MAC brushes and needed a travel replacement and was excited to try these. They did come with a chemical smell. I used my brush wash and washed them immediately upon opening them. Left them out to dry over night, like I do with my other brushes the next day they still had a faint smell. Two days later the smell was gone. If you don't have a brush wash you can use baby shampoo, just run a small amount of water in a sink add baby wash to it and rub the brush on the bottom of the sink. For any beginners you are suppose to wash your brushes every two to three weeks to prevent bacteria growth and help keep your brushes working properly. Use a daily brush cleaner to clean in between washes.

After these brushes dried I put these to use. Now I know what brush is what but the only down fall is these brushes are not labeled in any way. There is a picture on here that does say what they are for but for a beginner I can see the frustration of not having them labeled on the handles. I was very surprised at how these brushed stood up to my MAC brushes. I use liquid foundation and contour so this was the true test. The brushes didn't steal any of the product and gave me even coverage without sweep lines. The contour brush was great with its angle and applied the liquid flawlessly.

I really couldn't be happier!! I look forward to using other products from this company!

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How to Get Perfect Eyebrows in 2 Mins

I've tried so many things: brow powder is great at first, but I live in hot/humid FL and it doesn't stay. Pencils define but don't shape. Mascara is too messy/intense. Wunderbrow is perfect! Fills AND shapes. Gives just the right amount of time to apply it and brush it thru, and then shape upward before it dries. And it stays put!!! LOVE this product.

Was worried brunette would be too dark, but it's a lighter brunette (with NO red tones) and allows you to apply as much as needed for the effect you want. :)

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