The ultimate Anti Cellulite Cream

This Product is a hard one to rate. I would absolutely give this five stars because it absolutely works. Having said that I am giving it Four stars as I think there should be more directions and more cautions on use. I put this on my derrier, thighs, and saddlebag area. I put ALOT on as I thought you should if using a cover with it. First of all the sensation is intense. it is a cold burning sensation. since I wrapped it (to make it work better) I definitely did not need the amount I put on. I left it for 20 minutes and then wiped it off.

Pure Body Naturals Hot Cream really does open the capilaries and allows the blood vessels to expand so those lines and bumps go away. I had red marks where I applied it but it went away after 10 minutes or so. I was not thinking and decided to take a bath about an hour after and that was a BAD idea. the heat from the water combined with the heat feeling of the product made me feel like my tush was on fire. So much so I had to take a deep breath. I know this was not the products fault. I wasn't thinking but OMG!!

Well, after that fiasco, I decided to try it again the next night, using just enough to rub into the skin and did not apply a cover. that worked and the results were great. I had no redness and it was a nice icy hot feeling. I will absolutely use it again, just with caution. I put a picture of my thigh before and after below.

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