Anyone looking for lipliners?? BUY THESE. they are perfect!!

I am truly in impress with this brand "Italia Deluxe Ultra Fine Lip Liner set". I needed lip liners and good ones too. Well, while searching i found these, than did my research on them as saw that it was pretty hyped up . I was not aware that people knew that much about this brand. I seen them before but never bother to try them because I honestly thought that they were not going to be good. However, I was wrong and happy with the liners, they apply very smoothly and almost as good as my colourpop's, M.A.C.'s . For the price this not a bad deal, especially if giving good results.

The colors are great too and they pretty much matched almost half of my lipstick collection that I have , so that was a plus, the lip liner did last on my lips up to 5 hours most for me- that is if i had not ate anything too greasy other wise they fade off just like any other lipstick when you eat anything with oil.

I will definitely continue to purchase from this brand -especially since they are a deal. Pretty much less then $1 per lip liner- still a great buy. you can get them from AMAZON.