The best brushes with the best quality for $10

I was very impressed with these brushes. I was using MAC brushes and needed a travel replacement and was excited to try these. They did come with a chemical smell. I used my brush wash and washed them immediately upon opening them. Left them out to dry over night, like I do with my other brushes the next day they still had a faint smell. Two days later the smell was gone. If you don't have a brush wash you can use baby shampoo, just run a small amount of water in a sink add baby wash to it and rub the brush on the bottom of the sink. For any beginners you are suppose to wash your brushes every two to three weeks to prevent bacteria growth and help keep your brushes working properly. Use a daily brush cleaner to clean in between washes.

After these brushes dried I put these to use. Now I know what brush is what but the only down fall is these brushes are not labeled in any way. There is a picture on here that does say what they are for but for a beginner I can see the frustration of not having them labeled on the handles. I was very surprised at how these brushed stood up to my MAC brushes. I use liquid foundation and contour so this was the true test. The brushes didn't steal any of the product and gave me even coverage without sweep lines. The contour brush was great with its angle and applied the liquid flawlessly.

I really couldn't be happier!! I look forward to using other products from this company!

You can get BESTOPE Makeup Brushes from AMAZON.