Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay Deep Pore Cleansing

This mask "Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay" is fantastic for many different reasons and benefits. For me, I have very (VERY) oily skin and as a result I have visibly massive pores. I also had quite a bit of scarring from old acne breakouts which I do not get anymore. This face mask first and foremost makes my face incredibly smooth. I love that, of course. But it has also shrunk my pores and has actually given me some control over my oily skin. However, before starting using this clay, there are somethings I wish someone told me and I'm gonna try and tell you those so that you don't have to do trial and error like me.

Does this go on clean face? Or as is?
This goes on your face as is. You do need to remove your makeup though. Because Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay is actually quite a strong mask that does pull out toxins out of your skin, there's no need to strip it even more by washing it.

What tools will I need?
the plastic mixing bowl (nothing metallic, so glass will do too). invest in a $1 elf (its a cheap brand) foundation brush from Walmart. This will make the process far, far more smoother than using fingers or a spoon or whatever else. Wash the brush after and save it for next time!

How long to leave it on?
This really depends. Opposed to popular belief, you don't need to leave this on your face until it starts to flake. The process of this clay mask is to first draw out impurities, then a little while after, for your skin to draw in the minerals found in Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay. If you leave it on too long, the dryness of the mask will draw out the natural moisture and oil from your face actually causing dryness, itchyness and breakouts. So wait till you feel your face pulsate. Touch the mask with your hands. If its not sticky and it has set, you've gotten the best out of it. Wash it off!

How often do I use it?
This is up to you and your skin. Play with it starting with every other day and if you notice redness or itchiness, space it out. I have never found the negative side effects of overusing Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay to last for more than 30 minutes or so after use. So find your pace.

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