Hands down the best Organic Moroccan Argan Oil ever!

I am a woman who uses oils for years in my beauty routine (and my husband knows that very well :)) I have many kinds of oils on my shelf)) I know the consistency of all of them. And I can say for sure that this Organic Argan Oil is a healer. This is the greatest and lightest oil that I have ever used.

I use it for skin around eyes, face, eyelashes and eyebrows, on dry hands, nails and hair (dry or wet) and I don’t feel it heavy or sticky on my skin after use.

It gives me: shiny hair, strong nails, it reduces deep wrinkles around my eyes. My hands are soft, eyelashes and eyebrows are “full”. Calms my frizzy hair, It is non-greasy, like other oils. That’s the only one oil that permits me to use it in so many ways. It doesn't even have an oil smell. This oil from glass bottle is high purity product, and it is extremely effective in all ways of use. It is my favorite ever. And, honestly, I say that from my experience. This argan oil definitely is worth trying.

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