The Greatest Sunscreen EltaMD - UV Clear SPF 46

My favorite sunscreen that I have found so far. Is Eltamd - UV Clear SPF 46. It goes on clear, is light, high SPF, not oily, and it has niacinamide to help fade PIH. It is a slightly more expensive for the amount you get, but it does work wonderfully.

Eltamd - UV Clear SPF 46 is a physical sunscreen with Zinc Oxide vs the chemical options out there. If you believe all sunscreens are equal you might want to check out the differences between physical and chemical sunscreens. If you have a bad reaction to one it is worth trying the other type of sunscreen.

A downside that recently came up is that the dispenser has changed. Before it used to work beautifully and a single pump would be enough to cover my entire face due to the air tightness of the bottle. The new dispenser design allows air to get inside causing multiple pumps in order to get a proper portion.

But even with the flaw I still have to say it's one of the best sunscreens I have come across, I'd just wish they would revert back to the older dispenser design.

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