The best Biotin I have tried so far

When i first went natural nearly 10 years ago, i took another brand of biotin and it worked wonders for my hair but completely destroyed my skin. breakouts galore. i swore off biotin forever. then maybe 4-5 years ago my super thick hair started shedding like crazy. it went from being a lion's mane to maybe 1/3 of that.

I would cry in the shower and was scared to even touch my hair because i'd have handfuls of hair come out every time i washed my hair. that's when i decided to try biotin again and just rough it out through the breakouts for the sake of no more hair fall. tried the NOW brand first because i love their products but i broke out. so... tried this one because it is the most natural and i take coconut oil everyday anyway, so why not. no breakouts! not even a one. now to be fair, i also take this with milk thistle as a precaution (clean liver = clean skin), but even when i took MT with a NOW Foods Biotin i broke out. with Sports Research Biotin with Coconut Oil, none. skin even looks better actually. nails are long, and most importantly, this combined with the elimination of gluten from my diet and a gelatin supplement (also purchased on amazon), has nearly completely stopped my hair fall in three weeks.

My hair is growing back in THICK like it used to be, and i could not be happier. BF is now taking them to grow his beard in too.

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