The Best Dead Sea Mud Mask

I really enjoy this mask (for the most part, anyway.)

Putting the mask on: it stays very cold where I store it. So it is very refreshing going on the face. It's a bit gelatinous, but that just makes it easier to build up a bit to your liking. It doesn't smooth on evenly, but again, that isn't really a bit deal; it just means you'll be left waiting for small patches to dry while the rest of your face is dried. You can always smooth the thicker parts down as it dries a bit.

Pure Body Naturals Dead Sea Mud Mask comes off SUPER easy, and while I do wish it had a bit of grit to it for exfoliation, my skin feels amazing afterward. Short term my skin feels a lot more firm, but that wears off within the half hour of it coming off. Lasting, my skin feels worlds smoother and it takes down the redness in face, especially in my cheeks.

I have noticed one downfall in the product: While it's drying it does drive me slightly mad with the itching. BUT, it doesn't irritate my skin at all once it's wiped off-- no red irritated spots, no burning. It's just the feeling of when you have a scab that is drying out and healing. Irritating, almost not worth it... until you wash it off and realize "ahh, this is why I put up with that." haha But plenty of people don't have any itching, so it's a game of chance as to if you will have any itching feelings during the drying.

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